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What We Do

At High Flyers, I focus on making people grow through my exclusive Career Advisory services.

I drastically accelerate the journey to Partner for management consultants at pivotal moments in their careers (typically, my clients have up to 8 years of experience in the consulting industry).I do this through battle-tested strategies and tactics that focus on a few crucial skills consultants must acquire, and I help them shave years off the typical career path timeline.START NOW.

In a matter of a few weeks you will transform your outlook on your consulting career: you will know the few buttons to push to unlock promotions, better projects, increased pay and, most importantly, your own understanding of what you can achieve.HERE'S HOW.

This is me: The Management Consultant

I spent two decades working for large business and technology consulting firms advising clients all over the world. Literally.As a consultant, I am used to travel on a weekly basis, racking up airmiles, hotels and credit cards points.I worked in the USA, Europe, Oceania, Asia: I really had some amazing times, balanced by tough moments where loneliness, complex projects and a**hole clients made my life hard.But I'm still in business, so it's not all that bad.

Over the years, I played the consulting game smartly and managed to acquire niche skills. Couple this with a bit of luck and significant effort, and I grew from intern to Partner relatively quickly.No matter how young you are: if you share a similar goal, I am here to help you.

In my consulting career, my direct clients have always been C-level members of Business or Technology departments at organizations of all sizes.By now, I know what they want, how they behave, what challenges they face and, most importantly, what to do to help them.

I know what you are thinking. Why the anon thing?Well, I don't like the attention and by using a pseudonym I can be more open when sharing my knowledge online.If you:1) want to accelerate your career in the management consulting industry,
2) want to make it to Partner but are unsure how to get there as fast as possible,
3) just started in Consulting and want to learn the strategies and tactics that will earn you more money quickly,
I can help you.Now, enough about me. I want to know about you.HIT ME UP.

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I only commit to a handful of clients at any one time so I typically work on a retainer basis. I'm happy to flex arrangements to support you in the best way possible.

High Flyers Career AdvisoryTo achieve meaningful results, you should give yourself at least a 3-month timeline.I do not need to know your name or see your face: you can keep this totally anonymous if you wish. However, I do need to ask you in-depth questions about your work, your education and past career/upbringing. The more honest your answers, the more you will get out of this exercise.If you are willing to put in the work - on yourself first - you will be a different person at the end of our work together.I can help you:

  • if you're aiming to fast-track your career in the management consulting industry

  • if you're eyeing that Partner position but find yourself uncertain about the most rapid route to get there

  • if you've recently embarked on your consulting journey and are eager to grasp the techniques that will swiftly boost your earnings

With High Flyers, we will work together over the course of several weeks to:

  • understand your strenghts and evaluate your weaknesses

  • deep dive into your current work environment and how to best operate in it

  • map key stakeholders that have a say in your career development and learn how they think

  • elaborate strategies and tactics to address each member of your leadership team

  • find ways to leverage other team members to achieve your objectives

  • learn negotiation tactics to get you what you want without creating drama in the workplace

  • articulate the few high leverage activities you must prioritize to have your leadership on your side and advance your career

Investment in yourself

Monthly retainer: $640/month for minimum 3 months, $1,920 total investment in yourself over 3 months (check notes below)This includes:
- One 50-minute call per week
- Access to async chat

Through High Flyers personalized coaching and the work that you will put in, you will:

  • transform your persona

  • clarify your thought process

  • act with confidence to improve key skills

Note #1: If you are not ready to commit to a monthly retainer arrangement, I recommend to start with a one-off Career Check-in call ($129 for a 25-minute call). GET IN TOUCH, I want to help!Note #2: These are not expensive rates. High Flyers is not my full-time gig.
I created High Flyers to help people: it is proven that what is offered for free is not valued by the receiver as much as a paid service.
However, if for any reasons you need these services and cannot afford them, please get in touch and we'll sort something out.
Note #3: I write about consulting regularly on my free newsletter on Substack. Please subscribe: there's a ton of free value in there!

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The best (and fastest) way to reach me TO BOOK MY SERVICES is by finding me on social media:Twitter/X
I always reply within 24 hours.